FogBugz 7 Online Help

Entering Estimates in FogBugz

FogBugz allows you to enter estimates right on the main list page, in grid view. You can also enter an estimate for an individual case while editing that case.

To enter estimates from the grid view:

  1. Adjust the filter to show the cases that you want to provide estimates for.
  2. Insure that the Estimate (current) column is showing:
    1. Click on the Select Columns control.
    2. Check Estimate (current) and click Done
    3. If needed, drag the header of the estimate column left to a more convenient position in the grid.
  3. Now, for each feature that doesn't have an estimate, click in the appropriate cell to enter an estimate.

To enter estimates for a single case, edit that case and enter the estimates in the space provided.

Estimates can be entered as weeks, days, hours, or minutes. For example:

1 week
2 days
1 day 4 hours
15 minutes

These may be abbreviated using w, d, h, and m. The previous examples can be abbreviated as:


You can change estimates as many times as you want, as you learn more about the work required for a task. However, as soon as you start working on a case (using timesheets or the working on menu) FogBugz takes a snapshot of the current estimate and stores it permanently as the original estimate. Later you can go back and look at your original estimates versus actual, elapsed time to learn how to estimate more accurately in the future.