FogBugz 7 Online Help


FogBugz makes it easy to reply to common questions using snippets. A snippet can be anything from a word or two ("Sincerely yours") to a complete form letter. When you are replying to an email, you simply type the name of the snippet followed by a backquote (`) key, and the snippet will be inserted for you automatically.

Snippets can be used to make it very easy to reply to frequently-asked questions with a canned reply or form letter that has been carefully edited. Choose My Settings | Snippets to set them up.

There are two kinds of snippets: snippets for everybody, which are set up by an administrator for the whole team to use, and personal snippets, which only work for a single FogBugz user. If you want to override the text of a global snippet, you can always add a personal snippet of the same name. FogBugz will use that rather than the global one.

If you can't remember what snippet to use, press the snippet key twice (``) to browse a list of snippets.

You can change the key that is used to activate snippets from My Settings | Options. By default FogBugz uses ` which is conveniently located in the top left corner of an American computer keyboard.

If a snippet contains a section surrounded by [[ and ]], that section will be highlighted after you insert the snippet (on most web browsers). This is extremely useful when you want to insert something in the middle of a snippet. For example if the snippet b is defined as shown in the picture above, you can type b`24 to produce:

I have looked up your account number and your current balance is $24. Thank you for contacting us.

Snippets only work in the main editing area of a case, not the title or any other edit fields.

Snippets can contain any of the placeholders that are available in email auto-replies, so you can include case-specific information automatically.