FogBugz 7 Online Help

Discussion Groups: Moderator features

As soon as you open a discussion group to the public you're likely to see two things:

Everyone who is logged onto FogBugz as an administrator, or who has been set up as an administrator of a particular discussion group, will be able to moderate, removing abusive posts and spam. Over time, as you moderate groups manually, FogBugz AutoSort will learn from your moderation and try to mimic what you did. For example, if it sees that you keep deleting posts from a certain IP address, or posts containing a certain word, it will learn to delete those automatically. That way the post is deleted before it even appears.

FogBugz AutoSort is not 100% reliable, and sometimes it will be suspicious about a post but not certain that it needs to be deleted. In this case it will merely hold it for approval. A post which is held for approval will not appear to the outside world until a moderator clears it.

Note: FogBugz AutoSort can be turned on or off for each discussion group. By default, it is on.

Whenever a post has been deleted, the original person who made that post will still see it if they log on from the same IP address or the same web browser. This technique helps reduce the number of people who become furious at having their precious post deleted and try to disrupt the discussion group in other ways.

As the moderator deletes posts, undeletes posts, and approves posts which were held for approval, FogBugz AutoSort will learn from those actions. Over time, it will become more adept at recognizing the signs of bad posts.

FogBugz uses the following tactics, among others, to prevent spam:

Read our advice on successful moderation.